The following terms of service agreement must be reviewed and agreed upon prior to using the services of

Accepting the terms of service agreement creates a contractual relationship between you and By accepting the terms and using you agree to the terms of service. If you do not agree with these terms, you may not access or use this service.

Continuing to use implies your consent and binds you to the terms of service agreement. reserves the right to cancel its service and terminate any and all agreements at any time.

The content within the notification email sent to a user when a contractor wants to meet with a user to provide a written estimate is provided by the contractor and any claims within that communication must be verified with that contractor directly. This is within the Contractor – Terms of Service Agreement.

The service and function of is to act as a search function between individuals or small businesses (users) and service providers (contractors) to (a) share scope of their work projects (b) share contact information and (c) share the locations of the work projects.

Any and all activities beyond the service and function of are outside the responsibility of Any item identified outside the service and function lies in the personal agreement made between the user and the contractor. This includes, but is not limited to:

Offer of any warranty on parts, labour or error of service.

Responsibility for any damage, theft, vandalism, injury, loss of life or quality of work.

Mediation between users and contractors regarding collection of payment or dissatisfaction of received service.

Any and all communication between users and contractors.

User Responsibility will adhere and deliver its promise to provide its service and function as outlined. As a user, it is your responsibility to:

Properly research the contractor’s presented to you.

Use due-diligence in selecting an appropriate contractor.

Ensure all estimates and project details are received in writing from the contractor.

Properly outline payment of service between yourself and the contractor.

Inquire about the necessity of permits (Building, electrical, other).

Sharing of Personal Information

By using, you allow to share any and all information you submit about yourself and your project to 3rd parties with business relationships with The sharing of this information is necessary so that contractors are aware of the scope and location of the work to provide realistic and timely responses to user project queries.

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