Safe is an information sharing platform, and as such, we understand that we are responsible for the safe management of your personal information. In turn, ensures that your specific personal and project information is not shared to any more than 3 affiliated contractors.
All data entered into is entered via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption which protects your personal information from external threats on the internet. Your personal information is not shared with any parties outside of contractors affiliated with the network.
Compliance is 100% Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) compliant. We will not solicit or send communications without express consent provided by recipients. As part of our legal user agreements with our contractors, they are not permitted to share your contact information with 3rd parties. Privacy Statement is an information sharing platform, and as such, information collected on the website is freely shared between users and contractors. We reserve the right to sell this information to 3rd parties for the purpose of providing service to our users and value to our contractors. owns all such information collected through its website.  We reserve the right to change, edit and modify this policy at any time.

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